Advantages for our farmers

If you deliver on time – we’ll pay you on time!

We pay within 3 days with a 0.5% discount or immediately in cash on pick-up with a 1% discount.

You agree a pick-up time with us – we’ll keep to it!

Each delivery is guaranteed at the appointment agreed (or coordinated accordingly in good time with your assigned contact person).

You keep the faith with us – we honour it!

Regular suppliers receive attractive awards over and above the valid exchange price.

You look after the animals – we market the product!

Steirerfleisch operates two of the most modern and productive slaughter and meat cutting plants in Austria. Our customers know this, which is why we can market your animals’ meat in the best possible way.

We take over the notification obligation!

Each farmer is duty-bound to notify Statistik Austria when they sell their pigs. If the farmer sells to an authorised notification point such as Steirerfleisch, the farmer does not have to report this because we can handle the notification for them.


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